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A Princess of Mars

Artist: inuyuru
A Princess of Mars

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Comments (12)
  1. Dr T
    Dr T 5 September 2021 02:25 Reply

    Why is there no audio? What's the point of masturbating to this if there's no audio? That's like 2/3rds the experience. What's this, the 1920's? What else should you do, start showing porn in black and white? Maybe you should even upload the videos at a shitty frame rate, so we'll have to speed the video up at our end, and watch the guy thrust his dick at an absurd speed just so it looks vaguely normal.

    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum 5 September 2021 02:30 Reply

      Nah. The optimal solution is to take one frame of the porn and sell it back to the viewer who has to buy the other frames of the porn and piece it back together to get an actual video.

      1. TriKurrDurr
        TriKurrDurr 5 September 2021 02:31 Reply


  2. Braum
    Braum 5 September 2021 03:04 Reply

    I wish all of you good luck and a nice day :D

    1. TriKurrDurr
      TriKurrDurr 5 September 2021 03:24 Reply


      1. Angeldust
        Angeldust 5 September 2021 13:31 Reply

        I wish your hairline good luck as well

  3. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear
    Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear 5 September 2021 04:12 Reply

    Meh the art needs to be consistent 

  4. The Critic
    The Critic 5 September 2021 04:25 Reply

    Sugar Plum has taken everything I owned. They offer no mercy for those without any money to pay for more frames.

    1. Angeldust
      Angeldust 5 September 2021 13:33 Reply
      1. Do you have cursed art that can torment everyone on this site?
  5. The poet
    The poet 5 September 2021 07:29 Reply

    Not bad kinda short

    I wish there were more

    But i hade seen worse

    Its a good show lad

  6. the guest wich is no guest
    the guest wich is no guest 5 September 2021 12:40 Reply

    well because of my situation 

    i have no audio

    i watch everything in black and withe

    i cant watch videos

    i only can watch gifs at a shitty frame rate

  7. Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Milk 5 September 2021 14:08 Reply