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Secretos de Familia #2

Artist: art tzi
Secretos de Familia #2

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (6)
  1. bepis_ban
    bepis_ban 2 September 2021 02:47 Reply

    very nice, but i think the art style is a little bland

  2. s
    s 2 September 2021 02:59 Reply

    The last one was good because it had a half decent artstyle, but now its just incest and feels like both the artist and all the characters are on way too much caffiene and adrenaline

    1. s
      s 2 September 2021 03:26 Reply

      also this guy is insanely abusive imo

  3. TwistedFate
    TwistedFate 2 September 2021 03:38 Reply

    There was no need for a second one. Was it welcome, eh maybe. I have a different perspective towards incest comics

  4. the guest wich is no guest
    the guest wich is no guest 2 September 2021 12:21 Reply

    nice comic but again i need to say 

    wasnt necessary

  5. Гость Sonic
    Гость Sonic 3 September 2021 11:11 Reply

    Can't wait for part 3 heart_eyes  heart_eyes  heart_eyes  heart_eyes