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The Adventures of Christy-Chan

Artist: hellonearth-iii
I'm aware of the horrible allocations of Chris-chan but remember what Alinity does to animals. I'm not defending him I'm just making sure y'all remember but i will defend Shadman because porn drawings are the work of fiction nothimg is real. (I don't even think life is real if y'all gonna let Alinity and Chris-chan roam the planet) So shadman draws lolis and shotas, SO DOES EVERY OTHER ARTIST then they hypocrites cause they prolly make a bunch of gay shit of teenagers and say the exact thing I'm saying right now. (I'm not good at criticism either)

The Adventures of Christy-Chan

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (22)
  1. guitierrez
    guitierrez 2 August 2021 14:20 Reply

    What is this in reference to, Gooshooter?

  2. Gwynh
    Gwynh 2 August 2021 14:57 Reply

    Coughed my throat out when I saw this, reading it was not what I expected

  3. sussy balls
    sussy balls 2 August 2021 14:59 Reply

    doin my mom

  4. The Critic
    The Critic 2 August 2021 15:05 Reply

    This is tasteless

  5. Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum 2 August 2021 15:33 Reply

    doin my mom doin doin my mon 

    doin my mom doin doin my mom

    doin doin my mom doin doin my mom

    you know i'm straight- i'm doing my mom

  6. TwistedFate
    TwistedFate 2 August 2021 16:16 Reply

    fuck chris-chan he is on my bounty list

  7. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear

    This is wicked and even the gods can't even imagine this

  8. Chimera0401
    Chimera0401 2 August 2021 18:48 Reply

    Damn, that went fast

  9. Jimmy williams
    Jimmy williams 2 August 2021 20:51 Reply

    someone remind me what chris-chan did because im unaware

    1. Anon
      Anon 2 August 2021 22:22 Reply

      According to a quick google search: Sexually assaulting her own dementia riddled mother


    2. Guest Tard
      Guest Tard 3 August 2021 07:07 Reply

      Raped his dementia ridden 79 year old mother and was arrested we don't know how long he was doing it but it is pressured to have been over the course of multiple months

    3. confused a little
      confused a little 3 August 2021 21:39 Reply

      It's basically the grosses shit on the planet

  10. Guest
    Guest 2 August 2021 22:34 Reply


  11. Guest Tard
    Guest Tard 3 August 2021 07:04 Reply

    Shad is worse than Chris honestly, Chris is mentally ill but Shad is a manipulative pedo he's legitimately drawn brutal porn of irl girls being beaten and pissed on

  12. I hate myself
    I hate myself 3 August 2021 09:04 Reply

    Kinda offtopic but, both sides here are really fucked.

  13. confused a little
    confused a little 3 August 2021 21:38 Reply

    holy fuck this is uh........Ugh god I feel sick......people are too weird

  14. Ok then
    Ok then 3 August 2021 22:41 Reply

    Remember when shadman drew edd from eddsword getting raped by the grim reaper after he died from cancer and then said he didnt regret it? Yeah me too

    1. Guest Tard
      Guest Tard 4 August 2021 03:28 Reply

      Remember when he drew Keems daughter in a way that had sexual connotations, admitted it was a mistake to Collosal, said he would take it down and wouldn't draw irl girls again then broke both of those promises?

  15. Superfly
    Superfly 4 August 2021 10:47 Reply

    gooshooter i stand by you

  16. Oaath10110
    Oaath10110 4 August 2021 11:06 Reply


  17. Pyro tf2 the angry hentai nerd
    Pyro tf2 the angry hentai nerd 4 August 2021 20:36 Reply

    Sonichu turns into a trap

  18. John-117
    John-117 20 September 2021 07:03 Reply

    Wait how did I miss this comic