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Fuck buddies forever

Artist: k11a
Parody: ben 10
Fuck buddies forever

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (17)
  1. Bob ross the god
    Bob ross the god 16 July 2021 00:19 Reply

    Ngl the art is kinda shit, Dialogue could have been better as well

  2. Guydude
    Guydude 16 July 2021 03:26 Reply

    The art was decent but the grammar was f****** atrocious

  3. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear

    I gain a stroke from reading all of that thanks ben 10

  4. Viego The Ruined King
    Viego The Ruined King 16 July 2021 05:23 Reply

    ugh. more lolis just great.

  5. TwistedFate
    TwistedFate 16 July 2021 05:34 Reply

    Look Viego its sad that you can't find your wife and all but don't hate on lolis man. Hell,  you didn't have lolis I Camavore did ya?

    1. Viego The Ruined King
      Viego The Ruined King 16 July 2021 05:42 Reply

      I am not entirely disgusted by lolis themselves, but rather how they're treated. Thank god it isn't Annie...

      1. Gooshooter
        Gooshooter 16 July 2021 05:52 Reply

        >:D  there's already porn of Annie 

  6. Nezuko Kamado
    Nezuko Kamado 16 July 2021 05:54 Reply

    lolis are nice especially nezuko

  7. Viego The Ruined King
    Viego The Ruined King 16 July 2021 06:18 Reply

    I have no memories of lolis in Camavor before the Ruination

  8. Geometry Dash Loser
    Geometry Dash Loser 16 July 2021 06:29 Reply

    The art was garbage oh my fucking god

  9. Unregistered username
    Unregistered username 16 July 2021 08:15 Reply

    Adobe would never approve this

  10. thesaucydorito
    thesaucydorito 16 July 2021 10:41 Reply

    This is just eew

  11. loli_collector69
    loli_collector69 16 July 2021 12:33 Reply

    this is shit

  12. the guest wich is no guest
    the guest wich is no guest 16 July 2021 16:45 Reply

    it looks like every  3 pictures another artist worked on thi

  13. Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear

    Holy Shit, Never Thought I'd download twitter rather than reading this awful shit the second time

  14. Please no more shitty loli comics
    Please no more shitty loli comics 17 July 2021 13:37 Reply

    Everything about this is so bad I'd rather drink diarrhea than go through this hellspawn of a comic again.

  15. Brenki
    Brenki 15 February 2022 11:44 Reply

    Is ¿ hentai manga ? of Ben 10 reboot