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Black whiplash (Friday night funkin)

Artist: blackwhiplash
Tis is the horney talking

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (44)
  1. Cardiac Arrest
    Cardiac Arrest 6 April 2021 19:15 Reply
    I'm the Girlfriend in the back.
  2. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 6 April 2021 19:59 Reply
    Hmm thick ass Yaoi thighs. Tasty.
    1. Gooshooter
      Gooshooter 7 April 2021 04:44 Reply
      Might wanna add stomach expansion and femboy to that.
      1. DigitalArt56
        DigitalArt56 7 April 2021 06:22 Reply
        I thought cumflation would do the trick
    2. vianne52
      vianne52 23 November 2021 01:09 Reply


  3. Homophobic person
    Homophobic person 6 April 2021 20:10 Reply
    this is wrong. Gay people shouldn’t exist 
    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum 6 April 2021 20:13 Reply
      No, you shouldn't exist.

      🔫 Let Me Fix That. 
    2. The Lad
      The Lad 7 April 2021 00:17 Reply
      Imagine being homophobic lmao
      Just look at this dumbass
      1. That guy
        That guy 7 April 2021 11:08 Reply
        Fuck off. Gay people should burn like the Jews 
        1. Guest boi
          Guest boi 13 April 2021 23:08 Reply
          no you fucking idiot
        2. Jews burn well
          Jews burn well 2 May 2021 07:55 Reply
          That is what must be done.
          1. Jews burn bad
            Jews burn bad 2 May 2021 07:57 Reply
            Hitler was Austrian. Austria started both world wars.
            1. Yeah No
              Yeah No 30 July 2022 11:51 Reply

              Serbian man

               started ww1

        3. The Lad
          The Lad 18 May 2021 06:57 Reply
    3. whatdidyoujustcallme
      whatdidyoujustcallme 7 April 2021 09:09 Reply
      ha dumbass, your puny, worthless existence wont last long
      1. ĒÊËÈÉ
        ĒÊËÈÉ 9 November 2021 07:06 Reply

        Y'all know that some animals are gay right?

  4. Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum 6 April 2021 20:11 Reply
    They be getting Funky on a Friday night.
    1. Dank daddy James
      Dank daddy James 6 April 2021 22:00 Reply
      You some nasty nasty 
    2. lmao
      lmao 6 April 2021 22:52 Reply
      Go pico, yeah yeah, go pico
  5. Jhin The Virtuoso
    Jhin The Virtuoso 6 April 2021 20:16 Reply
    How. Odd.
  6. Vox
    Vox 6 April 2021 20:57 Reply
    10/10 not bad😍
    1. Xexxe
      Xexxe 10 April 2022 07:45 Reply

      Ya gay bro?

  7. off a zan or two
    off a zan or two 6 April 2021 22:08 Reply
    could be longer
  8. Diego-Brando
    Diego-Brando 6 April 2021 22:24 Reply
    It was only a matter of time
  9. Itachi
    Itachi 6 April 2021 22:41 Reply
  10. Jamesbrown1
    Jamesbrown1 6 April 2021 22:45 Reply
    'Twas only a matter of time
  11. TotallyNotPyro
    TotallyNotPyro 6 April 2021 23:13 Reply
    Ah yes, Friday Night funkin

    Can I get some lemon demon stuff please...
    Im asking for a friend
  12. Vanta
    Vanta 7 April 2021 03:42 Reply

    in cannon pico and bf are exs 
  13. Guest Yes
    Guest Yes 7 April 2021 04:35 Reply
    we need more friday night funkin on here
  14. Sable_Wolf
    Sable_Wolf 7 April 2021 09:44 Reply
    I only like this because of the girlfriend in the back
  15. Richtofen
    Richtofen 7 April 2021 17:50 Reply
    the first fnf category of porn is gay
    1. dieinahole
      dieinahole 7 April 2021 20:55 Reply
      so is there a problem
  16. Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear
    What in gods name this i just see
  17. Some dude
    Some dude 7 April 2021 22:15 Reply
    I like how there are vastly contradicting opinions between two polars on this site between the LGBT community and the straights.

    This site was honestly good and even though it still is my go-to website I'm losing faith in it w/ all these weird gay and trap comics. It was fine at first when it was a miniscule amount for the gay community but it's as if this site is now in majority for the LGBT community. Nowadays I go to this website and get disappointed from all the recent comics and gay is only a small fraction of my problem with this site. For whatever reason LGBT comics are often complemented with weird abstract shit like this comic has presented.
    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum 7 April 2021 23:10 Reply
      Femboy defense mode activated.

      1. This site is not a LGBT community haven in fact it's one of the most conservative things I've ever seen and that shits funny. Saying something like it's straight's vs gays all the time would be ludicrous.

      2. Saying you don't like gay/trap comics is fine but what you're doing is kink shaming because your feeble brain can't understand the concept of a being with a wiener getting penetrated by another wiener.

      3.This comic is made by blackwhiplash an artist notorious for drawing THICC bois with a side of fucked up shit what the hell did you expect? I hate the "If you don't like it why did you click on it?" argument because it has many flaws but in this scenario it couldn't be more true. You saw Pico and BF Friday Night Fucking and still clicked on it. What? Did you expect girlfriend to jump in or...? Nah you get cumflation, eat shit.

      Conclusion. You watched too much Steven Universe and think everything is trying to support the oh so terrible LGBT community but it's not. If anything it's two dumb jpgs made for you to have a quick laugh and fuck off.  So please shut the fuck up and go fap to your collection of stale vanilla porn or some shit you homophobic man-child.
      1. Vanta
        Vanta 8 April 2021 00:31 Reply
        Thank you
      2. Some dude
        Some dude 8 April 2021 09:08 Reply
        Funny hahas is one thing but spam of it is another. It was funny at first yes, some hahas looking at a funny cover/thumbnail amongst quite a few quality comics to actually enjoy to and going to the comments to read through other's disgust of that joke comic

        But wtf I keep seeing too much of this shit that there aren't any good shit left to actually jack off to or at least to appreciate like the wholesome comics for example. Instead there can be times where I can't even rely on this site for any of that because of joke comics. It's not funny anymore, quit it. It's excessive. It's annoying.

        You can even find other's displease if you ask them, and proof of it being whole pages full of bad like-dislike ratio comics and in worse case consecutive days of it.
      3. FlaySimon
        FlaySimon 8 April 2021 18:51 Reply
        you literally posted early that someone shouldnt exist because they were gay, wtf you on about you dumb fucking spastic cunt
  18. Edan
    Edan 9 April 2021 02:33 Reply
    those thighs be THICK
  19. Mario
    Mario 2 May 2021 09:43 Reply
  20. Yèeeee
    Yèeeee 16 June 2021 01:24 Reply
    Good shit
  21. TriKurrDurr
    TriKurrDurr 23 August 2021 06:11 Reply



  22. Lesshappy
    Lesshappy 14 September 2021 19:28 Reply

    Commit eat dorito vertically

  23. ĒÊËÈÉ
    ĒÊËÈÉ 9 November 2021 07:08 Reply

    Bro this comment section is longer than the comic and more toxic than Chernobyl