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Onahole Fairy Review

Artist: aomushi
Hello my lovelies, I'd like to explore the readers interests in porn as well. I'm hoping to try and find comics you've yet to have seen and bring them here for you all to enjoy. Please tell me tags you find appealing and I'll try to post good story's for you all to wank and appreciate.
~ Your dearly beloved Usagihime

Onahole Fairy Review

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Comments (23)
  1. LrKebab
    LrKebab 21 March 2021 15:10 Reply
    They dont need to be together, but I love futanari, futanari loli with giant cock, centaur, Inanimate transformation (like being a girls panties), pussy and anal vore, I dont really like eating someone, centaur futa and centaur vore, I think thats all i can think of for now. I will apprciate more content like that. :D
    1. Usahime
      Usahime 21 March 2021 22:33 Reply
      I'll try my best to find story's to suit you! Are tastes are very similar. Though... I may just be a bit wilder than you. ^_−☆
    2. ashistak
      ashistak 22 March 2021 00:07 Reply
      I share the same opinion except for the vore stuff
  2. SIR bored
    SIR bored 21 March 2021 16:52 Reply
    Must be easy to have a small penis then you won't break them 
  3. Roman Guest
    Roman Guest 21 March 2021 17:30 Reply
  4. Herscher of Reason
    Herscher of Reason 21 March 2021 22:25 Reply
    The Bronya is disgusted of what she just witnessed. Why must you do something this horrible to something so cute. The Bronya must travel through the sea of quanta to find the artist....
    and terminate them.
  5. Usahime
    Usahime 21 March 2021 22:35 Reply
    Is there anything you'd like posted?
    While this may not be what you're looking or have taste for. If love to post what you might like. 
  6. loli_collector69
    loli_collector69 21 March 2021 22:59 Reply
    man i dont even like this
  7. HolyCrusader
    HolyCrusader 22 March 2021 00:41 Reply
    Here have some Holy Water ​cause i know this shit is cursed. Apologies for being late.​​​
  8. Usahime
    Usahime 22 March 2021 01:39 Reply
    Oh good!
    So far I've mostly gotten comments about people not liking the comics. But they don't say what they'd like... Have you any idea what I should post to please them? 
    1. tomothelad
      tomothelad 22 March 2021 07:46 Reply
      Maybe a bit more messed up? Like comics that make the average person question their life. Thd fertile elf's was good

      So was this comic really liked it
      1. Usahime
        Usahime 22 March 2021 18:59 Reply
        I'll try my best! You should check out my other posts. They're much like this one. 
        1. tomothelad
          tomothelad 23 March 2021 11:04 Reply
          Checked them all out :D, would you mind some comics with; Moral Degradation, Mind break and torture?
          1. Usahime
            Usahime 23 March 2021 21:44 Reply
            No problem. ;)
            1. tomothelad
              tomothelad 24 March 2021 10:33 Reply
              Thanks alot, Been in this platform awhile just kinda lurking. I think that the people who comment are a minority of people sho dislike the comics, personally upload shatever you wanna you cannot please everyone sadly.
  9. Juice Tank
    Juice Tank 22 March 2021 13:44 Reply
    I kinda like this comic...well, I have nothing against it.
    Would love to see some futa and yaoi.
    1. Usahime
      Usahime 22 March 2021 18:58 Reply
      Thank you so much for actually tellin me what you want! I'll post yaoi today. 
  10. flowerz
    flowerz 23 March 2021 00:27 Reply
    hm, i must say, it’s actually not bad. I kinda like this concept, I believe it’s semi similar to this one story about pokemon that can be bought and ‘used’ in the same way. either way, I like this! not super into the stuff that makes me question my life (the heart thing freaked me out a bit) however i don’t mind.
    good comics, you gotta have some specific tastes tho.
    i dont have a particular preferenc, but I do like fem dom. (I might be biased, feel free to not take me into consideration, just my option tho) 
    1. Usahime
      Usahime 23 March 2021 21:43 Reply
      Id love to please you. Fem Dom it is. I'll try to find some for next weeks posts. Happy to oblige:3
    2. Usahime
      Usahime 23 March 2021 21:45 Reply
      I'd love to please you. I'll post some fem/dom next week. :3 
  11. Guest Guest
    Guest Guest 24 March 2021 06:35 Reply
    Just make this, but colorized
  12. If you are reading this
    If you are reading this 11 May 2021 01:21 Reply
    1. If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it on 5 other manga. i'm so, so sorry,please forgive me
  13. TriKurrDurr
    TriKurrDurr 6 August 2021 09:54 Reply