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Pearl Connie

Artist: inuyuru
Parody: steven universe
Pearl Connie

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Comments (23)
  1. Juice Tank
    Juice Tank 18 March 2021 20:29 Reply
    Steven Universe is now just a propaganda for BLM and LGBT on CN.
    So, I'm saying I'd rather watch these comics than the actual show.
    Although, this one was also weird.

    1. That guy
      That guy 18 March 2021 23:26 Reply
      What's wrong with either of those things.
      1. Joe
        Joe 19 March 2021 00:02 Reply
        Because they are cringe 
      2. Rando
        Rando 18 May 2022 22:18 Reply

        I wouldn’t mid it if it was about anything other than that.

        1. Rando2
          Rando2 18 May 2022 22:20 Reply

          As in like, it’s just a cesspool of directly pointing at shit and screaming ‘society!’ Like there is no actual substance now, it’s just lgtbq+ plus stuff in the worst of ways cuz it’s the main focus, like just put it in the background. 

    2. _destiny_chan_
      _destiny_chan_ 19 March 2021 01:08 Reply
      Ahh so ur homophobic and racist 
      1. whatdidyoujustcallme
        whatdidyoujustcallme 19 March 2021 08:22 Reply
        no, were just tired of it
        1. Gg
          Gg 20 March 2021 12:42 Reply
          Who the fuck is we?
    3. The Curious Guest
      The Curious Guest 19 March 2021 02:04 Reply
      Don’t you mean read?
    4. Get fucked
      Get fucked 19 March 2021 17:51 Reply
      Nobody asked lol
    5. Making me your slut
      Making me your slut 5 April 2021 13:03 Reply
      You're just mad because nobody's turning you into their Pearl
  2. wichie
    wichie 19 March 2021 03:59 Reply
    1. Joe shut the fuck up you dirty dog.

    2."That Guy" I like how you're saying "what's wrong with either those things?" and trying to skewer their opinion by completely disregarding the fact that they said propaganda.

    lol. propaganda's good as long as it involves BLM and LGBTQ+I guess.
  3. Guest Juice Tank
    Guest Juice Tank 19 March 2021 06:12 Reply
    Juice, umm you are not wrong, mostly, I get your point everything on Tv is at some level influenced by the opinion of the people who do tv shows, not only tv there is also netflix and paid streaming services in general. And everything is so full of leftist propaganda but SU is not a big example, even tho there are gay stuff going on the story is more focused on earth being possibly destroyed, btw I am very sad that sexuality has become a political crap (and I know who to blame) as I am a bisexual, right wing guy who gets often times judged for not being leftist as I should be, because I'm bi
  4. .
    . 19 March 2021 06:49 Reply
    I see your point about it being propaganda, I may not agree with it but that is just me not any sort of logic.
    My first question is BLM? how is that involved with the show to any degree?

    But also I feel like a person cannot get mad a private companies for putting any sort of propaganda on their platforms, because in the end it's there money. I might not like fox news but it is a private company which can do what it likes.

    I agree that it is sad sexuality has become a political issue, but I can see where people are coming at when they are confused on your views and opinions. As it is usually conservative leaning politcians which try to limit LGBTQ2A+ rights and freedoms.

    I am not trying to attack anyone with this comment and I respect you and your views Juice Tank. I also agree that Steven Universe is not a big deal in regards to this sort of thing.
    I just wanted to put my hat in the ring so to speak
    1. .
      . 19 March 2021 06:49 Reply

  5. Guest Bruh
    Guest Bruh 19 March 2021 13:45 Reply
    Bruh this starting to look like your average YouTube comment section 
  6. Guest Caesar Zeppeli
    Guest Caesar Zeppeli 19 March 2021 23:52 Reply
    This comic makes no sense. 
  7. The bi over there
    The bi over there 20 March 2021 08:03 Reply
    I really liked reading your answer and you are just right, I understand the confusion towards me when people ask my opinion on politics but I had some really bad experiences where not many but some people would call me stupid or homophobe(this last one was said by a trans friend of mine) because of the answer so I became afraid people would even bring up the topic and that all was just because I believe that my sexuality has nothing to do with how laws should work or who wins the elections and the rules should be the same for everyone
    Maybe I am a special case because I received far more hate from people who are LGBT or the so called defenders of the cause in real life than from people in school or on the streets
  8. Juice Tank
    Juice Tank 21 March 2021 20:11 Reply
    Ok guys, I'm so sorry. I never for this comment section to become all about it.
    I'm just saying that back when I was a kid, the cartoons were much simpler. Now Steven universe did a whole bit about how schools teach wrong, that they are only teaching about "white scientists"...
    I really don't think there's anything wrong with that, just that it doesn't really belong in a little kids cartoon. 

    Or I'm just tired of it being everywhere, idk lol
  9. Fuckniggers1488
    Fuckniggers1488 22 March 2021 05:12 Reply
    Well first of all i hate women so my opinion is the one true opinion im sorry but it is that way (i wouldnt have it if it werent true.)
    BLM is bad because joos stink blacks do crime 
    And LGBT is bad because i said so

    And also you are all stupid if you disagree with me
  10. Gueat
    Gueat 26 March 2021 22:54 Reply
    How DARE kid shows talk about racism! It’s not like kid shows haven’t been doing that since the 80’s 
  11. Steven in gucci
    Steven in gucci 13 December 2021 05:18 Reply

    Holy shit what the fuck just happened to fucking connie 

  12. Some dude
    Some dude 13 July 2022 10:22 Reply

    She changed teams