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Blue Lions: Cum (Never) Ending

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14 Mar 2021
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  1. Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum
    14 March 2021 04:54
    I saw this and said "Fuck yeah three houses porn!!!" because it's my favorite RPG and I'm a horny son of a bitch and of course my dumbass didn't read the tags. I read this comic NO this mockery of everything my children game with tits in it stands for! It's all fetishy garbage that in the end means nothing! "Dude it's just a porn comic" You may say but alas I don't fucking care it's bad. Oh my poor girls they fucked you up good... I know it's exaggerated but if you sit and think about it how does shit like this even work? Those penises are the size of fucking nukes how do they just casually slide in and out of their pussies without the girls fucking dying? I at least expect to see some blood motherfucker! Also the art is fucking bad everything doesn't have to be fred perry levels of clean but this is the type of shit I'd expect to see while scrolling r34 say "ew" and scroll to the next image. The dialogue is fucking cringe it's the type of shit only a little timmy could come up with in 2007 except it 2021 "Being a cum balloon is my ultimate dream. I'm in paradise!" what the fuck was he thinking when proofreading this IF he proofread it. And stuff like how stupid he made DA GIRLS they are willingly getting raped by thousands of men and your stomachs are being filled with cum (Side tangent to my side tangent cumflation is fucking dumb there is no way someone could get this fat from getting cum shot up from their ass or some shit you'd either suffocate or never be able to walk again.) and you can see dicks inside your stomach through your skin. Why are they just going with this again? Oh yeah because this comic was made by a sad sack of shit for other sad sacks of shit who have no concept of reality and maybe just maybe also pump out straight up trash like this continuing the stream of garbage so it may reach another audience of sad fucks thinking it's good when in actuality it's a scorn on us as a human race and I condemn anyone involved in it's creation to hell. Fuck this comic.

    Bad Comic.
    1. person
      14 March 2021 08:04
      well said
    2. John-117
      14 March 2021 09:05
      I feel like what you said in your comic was without a doubt correct. There are some things that should not be brought into existence in this God forsaken world, and this comic fits that’s list perfectly. Nothing about this comic would give and man or woman the urge to give in to their sexual impulses and pleasure themselves whist reading this abhorrent piece of Japanese-style pornography. I, as a man, will wholeheartedly admit that I did not in fact feel and impulse to masturbate to the images seen in this comic. Not a single image turned me on in the slightest. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if any other dignified male porn enthusiast on this sacred website, but there’s just something about girls being filled with male reproductive cells to the point where their abdominal regions inflate beyond what the human skin in that area of the body can handle naturally without any self inflicted weight gain that just doesn’t get me horny. Like I said, I am still unsure as to whether or not this is my own objective opinion on the matter, or if it’s the majority consensus that has been reached by the male community on Yes, I did just in fact reference this websites previous and original name. Returning to the subject matter at hand, I also don’t like the fact that the ending of this comic implies that these women will have sexual interactions with at least what seems like a hundred more men. If I were to make an assumption based off of the previous actions in this comic, as well as the results of those actions, I am lead to believe that these girls will be filled with so much sperm, that either one of two possible outcomes will occur. The first would be that they abide by hentai logic and inflate to the point where they are physically unrecognizable, or they second outcome would occur, in which their skin reaches its maximum elasticity and their abdominal religions burst in a spectacular torrent of blood, sperm, organs, etc. To me, this is something that should never be considered porn in any sense or definition of the word.. Restating what I said before, I am in agreement with the fact that this comic should be sent to the fiery pots of hell when it should remain for the rest of time.

      I agree
  2. abdussalaamze23
    14 March 2021 08:50
    I not wasting my remaining brain cells to read that-
  3. Guest Guest
    Guest Guest
    14 March 2021 09:35
    wdym this was pretty good

  4. to john-117
    to john-117
    15 March 2021 07:01
    I still type in xcartx to get here
  5. b
    24 May 2021 02:50
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  6. A man who likes porn
    A man who likes porn
    22 August 2022 09:53

    Honestly the best part is the comment section it’s fucking funny