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Unfortunate Experiences for Himawari

Artist: esclavo hentai
Parody: naruto, boruto
I'm not a big fan of Naruto's facial expressions like seriously what the fuck. . .anyway thicc lolis are underrated. I've been on break for too long and Creepers are a cruel mistress. I need them ender pearls so I can fight the ender dragon. It's 2021 and that game has been out forever, I need to do this yo.

claimed by: Naruto Uzamaki

Unfortunate Experiences for Himawari

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (23)
  1. Satin 2.0
    Satin 2.0 11 February 2021 02:09 Reply
    Well, it well drawn, but it looks so bad...
    Like, you draw a garbage bag really fukin well, but it's still a garbage bag.
  2. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 11 February 2021 02:21 Reply
    Imma a creeper
    Minecraft's Grim Reaper
    Blowin' up blocks like Alkyether 
    1. Angeldust
      Angeldust 11 February 2021 20:03 Reply
      Its Al-Qaeda you know the place the SEALs went and blew up
      1. Gooshooter
        Gooshooter 11 February 2021 22:29 Reply
        Aaahh I knew I spelt it wrong. .Thanks Angel but sadly I can't edit my comment. 
  3. Jesus has abandoned us
    Jesus has abandoned us 11 February 2021 03:49 Reply
    I’m an atheist but Jesus Christ I’m going to church after this
  4. Kazuma
    Kazuma 11 February 2021 04:23 Reply
    I feel..... disturbed
    1. Angeldust
      Angeldust 11 February 2021 20:04 Reply
      If Scumsuma is disturbed then this truly is chaos. 
  5. Kuri
    Kuri 11 February 2021 06:50 Reply
    Look, art can be better and not having a old man fucking this child who is under the age of fucking 8 would be nice you know. I'll give you credit for having the darn balls to upload it but next time. Have boruto fuck his sister. People here would like that :)
    1. The horny tiger
      The horny tiger 11 February 2021 12:24 Reply
      u are a damn genius 
  6. Guest fuck
    Guest fuck 11 February 2021 08:06 Reply
    its that famous guy
  7. Skellman0
    Skellman0 11 February 2021 09:15 Reply
    The problen are their faces.
  8. inkylore
    inkylore 11 February 2021 10:15 Reply
    its semi realist artstyle so its more disturbing honestly
  9. Babelisarius cawl master of masters
    Thats it who wants to press the extermanatus button 
  10. Holy guardian
    Holy guardian 11 February 2021 21:46 Reply
    Please don't continue.
    1. Kuri
      Kuri 11 February 2021 22:07 Reply
      Let them continue, if you don't like it then don't click on it just to hate :)
      1. Sable_Wolf
        Sable_Wolf 20 July 2021 07:53 Reply

        Well, Your a damn pedo

  11. BT-7274
    BT-7274 12 February 2021 04:40 Reply
    b r o  w h a t  t h e  f u c k ?
  12. Dr T
    Dr T 13 February 2021 17:58 Reply
    How She got an Six pack so easy?
  13. pyro tf2
    pyro tf2 14 February 2021 08:38 Reply
    hentai is part of a fascist paramilitary organization
  14. Sable_Wolf
    Sable_Wolf 8 March 2021 08:57 Reply
    you my friend are on sick fuck pensive

    1. Sable_Wolf
      Sable_Wolf 8 March 2021 08:58 Reply
  15. Bungoman
    Bungoman 10 March 2021 06:40 Reply
    Grampa horny af
  16. Me
    Me 15 December 2021 08:48 Reply

    Don't make a part two just kill your self