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Crushing the Trois

Artist: blargsnarf

Crushing the Trois
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (8)
  1. Confused
    Confused 4 February 2021 17:10 Reply
    Huh? wtf did i just read
  2. Anon
    Anon 4 February 2021 18:17 Reply
    At first, I wondered why such a low rating.  Now I know.
  3. pyro tf2
    pyro tf2 4 February 2021 18:33 Reply
    that sucked
  4. The Unknown Society
    The Unknown Society 4 February 2021 19:46 Reply
    This comic disheartened our reviewers, as we began looking more and more into this artstyle we noticed that this was not even the beginning of the discord of comics the artist has drawn. This comic in of itself is awful just as the predecessors before it, representing offsetting fetishes in a cartoonish artstyle and barely any decent dialogue or for that fact backround and lore based story. This is not worthy of a rating, you have permanently shown to us that you aren't worthy of even being gazed at.
  5. Rimuru
    Rimuru 4 February 2021 20:32 Reply
    Quite disappointed in this was looking for fap material but this has denied me us any sort of Luscious material feeling 
  6. Dr T
    Dr T 5 February 2021 02:13 Reply
    Im disgusted🤮
  7. Babelisarius cawl master of masters
    What is this heresy!! BURN IT!! BURN IT IN HOLY FIRE!!
  8. German
    German 12 February 2021 07:14 Reply
    Jesus Christ everybody it's just a comic you don't need to be lost in this man besides some Star Trek nerd still faping to this anyway

    Sorry I meant roasting not lost damn autocorrect