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Nandemo Yasashiku Ukeirete Kureru Imouto

Artist: tetsuyama kaya

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (7)
  1. sans
    sans 26 January 2021 18:58 Reply
    now that's what I call "family bonding" but seriously this confused me on a whole nother level like is he masochistic or sadistic and why is there no BDSM tag?
  2. RandomAlt791
    RandomAlt791 26 January 2021 22:36 Reply
    Is that the fucking Tommyinnit font
  3. TeddyO
    TeddyO 27 January 2021 01:00 Reply
    This is very weird vibes 
  4. John-117
    John-117 27 January 2021 02:56 Reply
    I’m getting a lot of mixed emotions here 
  5. Juice Tank
    Juice Tank 27 January 2021 03:02 Reply
    Powerful last line! I really felt it! So emotionally loud.
    "What a piece of garbage I trully am"
  6. Babelisarius cawl master of masters
    The cover page looks like the pogchamp meme
  7. ZrcSexGod86
    ZrcSexGod86 5 July 2022 12:08 Reply

    Well they want what they want and remember it's just a fantasy 😂 and porn just saying