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I guess I can upload junk, I'm SO close to going into my Google account. I need to know what my verification code is. . .well here's more Rudolph.

After leaving out the schoolhouse, Rudolph went to go sneak back inside but his Blitzen caught him and he asked Rudolph, “What came over you Rudolph ? You were a sweet little reindeer. What would your mother say about this ?” Rudolph didn't answer and his cock was still hard as an oak tree and hot as a fireplace so he did the next best thing, HE FUCKED THE SH- ahem he got behind his father and pinned him down. Despite Blitzen being a buck, he had the fat ass of a doe. “RUDOLPH STOP ! You'll wake your mother !” Blitzen yelled being pinned down by his own child. Rudolph rubbed his big red cock on Blitzen's cock. He got hard himself from their wet cocks rubbing against each other. “Mm- wait did I just ?” Blitzen moans and now confused. Blitzen was now questioning his sexuality while Rudolph gets precum on his cock. Rudolph begins fucking Blitzen making his ass clap from the thrusting “N-no I shouldn't be enjoying this he's my son but that's not s-stopping him !” he looks back at Rudolph and sees him smirkin' and plowing his fat ass. He pulls out of Blitzen's ass forces him to lay down on the floor. Panting and overwhelmed, Blitzen looks at his son's red cock “I'm impressed and little jealous at your cock, maybe we don't have to continue your mother might be mad Rudolph-” Rudolph desides to cut Blitzen off by throat-fucking him. Saliva and precum drips out of Blitzen's mouth and after a while Blitzen starts to suck it himself. Rudolph chuckles and pulls out his slutty father's throat. “Thanks dad but I'm still hard.” Rudolph says in a deep voice. Blitzen succoms to Rudolph and begins sucking and he couldn't help but suck his balls too. Blitzen went full on doe for Rudolph's big red cock and then he busted a nut in his father's throat. Blitzen swallows it and licks Rudolph clean. He gets up and bends over like the slut he became. “If you're thinking about going after your mother too, you don't need to, you can check my tight ass all you wish” Blitzen nuts on the floor and they fucked for hours and hours and Blitzen passed out from being treated like a doe. Rudolph smiles and goes to bed to duck for another morning.
To be continued. . .

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25 Dec 2020
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  1. Ocal123
    25 December 2020 13:06
  2. Yoda on Weed
    Yoda on Weed
    25 December 2020 13:27
    Merry Christmas Mother fuckers!
  3. Scott Steiner
    Scott Steiner
    25 December 2020 14:18
    Merry Christmas to all my freaks who are just obsessed with the papa
  4. Superfly
    25 December 2020 15:04
    I like this

    1. daul14
      26 December 2020 02:36
      you're watching smg4 too
  5. Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum
    25 December 2020 15:39
    "Despite Blitzen being a buck, he had the fat ass of a doe."

    1. Gooshooter
      25 December 2020 22:22
  6. Dr T
    Dr T
    25 December 2020 20:57
    O Saw One of those cómica but its was with popbob face
  7. Revo bat
    Revo bat
    25 December 2020 23:32
    • Finally i have decided to actually make an account :>

  8. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest
    25 December 2020 23:36
    Good for you blep Cat person.
  9. Babelisarius cawl master of masters
    Babelisarius cawl master of masters
    26 December 2020 03:05
  10. Goro majima
    Goro majima
    26 December 2020 05:59
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
  11. John-117
    26 December 2020 07:45
    This is going straight to the favorites section 
  12. F.B.I : Federal Bureau of Investigation
    F.B.I : Federal Bureau of Investigation
    26 December 2020 19:17
    did not expect to read a fanfic