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Taking Confessions

Group: manaworld
Artist: romulo mancin

[Melkor (Romulo Mancin)] Taking Confessions porn comics
8 pages
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (5)
  1. Sugar Plum 2.0
    Sugar Plum 2.0 19 June 2021 10:24 Reply
    Rare instance of a (Christian Pastor?) grooming something that's not an underage boy.
    1. Father WreckAPuss
      Father WreckAPuss 11 December 2021 01:41 Reply

      Dont generalize all of us like that, some of us go for undege young girls smh

    2. Joe Seph Stalin
      Joe Seph Stalin 11 December 2021 07:35 Reply

      i dont get why you guys bash on all christians and christianity bcuz a few priests disobeyed God and the Lords commands and committed sin by committing pedophilic actions , christianity condemns this , christians condemn this , but we arent perfect , we will all make mistakes , but back to the point , why bash on all christianity bcuz of the actions of a few christian priests? tell me your nationality , and if i find out one of your people is a murderer or rapist , ill generalize all of you as the same rotten scum , the christian religion condemns sins like pedophilia , its in the bible , yes there are christians who sin and do immoral things , but many christians do follow the bibles teachings and try their hardest to the best of their human capabilities not to sin , there is literally another religion that encourages pedophilia and murder
      --> ISLAM <--  their prophet muhammad MARRIED AND HAD SEX WITH A 6 YEAR OLD GIRL , and at this very moment underaged girls are being married off to muslim men , bcuz their prophet married a child muslims see that as an A-okay to do the same , muhammad was a murderer who preached to his followers that allah wants them to slaughter athiests/christians/jews and any other religious or non religios people who dont convert to islam , verses like these are found all over the quaran , islam doesnt approve of womens rights etc etc , compare muhammad to jesus , jesus was a pacifist and used words to convert others , he preached peace and was tolerant , he didnt force others to convert , when he failed to persuade others to convert he didnt use violence to force them to convert , muhammad? he at first tried to convert people using words , but then he became aggressive bashing on others religions , then he was kicked out , he came back with a military force and slaughtered any who opposed him and islam , christianity preaches peace and love , islam preaches war and violence , but christians are evil? BRUH , and even if we were to remove christianity and people stop being christians , what then? its not like pedos will just dissapear , in fact , this will increase crime rates for murder/pedo/rape etc , bcuz people who once feared the wrath of God and being sent to hell for eternity after death , no longer care , they no longer care about morality , christianity preaches love and peace and not to commit sins like murder or rape or pedophilia etc , without christianity there is no longer a moral authority , morality that was once considered objective bcuz of God and the Lord , is now "Subjective" , no longer are immoral actions objectively bad , but no what you consider bad , i can consider good , bcuz it is now subjective. Without a Higher Power to back morality and make it objective , it will become subjective.

  2. KetamineInducedYoda
    KetamineInducedYoda 11 November 2021 09:26 Reply

    Very swag

  3. Sjsnbdnx
    Sjsnbdnx 15 July 2022 06:18 Reply

    Joseph stalin talking about religion on a porn site; what a crazy world