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Consumed by my sexy cousin

Artist: taneno nakami
Consumed by my sexy cousin

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (17)
  1. Guest Coolt
    Guest Coolt 3 November 2020 18:41 Reply
    I don’t know what to Feel about this one
  2. IZAYA
    IZAYA 3 November 2020 18:54 Reply
    Its not rape if you enjoyed it
  3. Doom Slayer X Isabelle
    Doom Slayer X Isabelle 3 November 2020 18:56 Reply
    It's all fun and games until that kids dick won't rise up anymore
  4. Machio
    Machio 3 November 2020 20:42 Reply
    Ara ara
  5. Kuri
    Kuri 3 November 2020 21:32 Reply
    It's all over when your shota little brother is bigger and cums more then your boyfriend
  6. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 3 November 2020 21:44 Reply
    Welp that took a turn. . .ʘ‿ʘ
  7. ZelticForge
    ZelticForge 3 November 2020 23:23 Reply
    yep this is astronomically fucked
  8. Hehe
    Hehe 4 November 2020 04:43 Reply
    Honestly I thought it was rlly good

  9. Kazuma
    Kazuma 4 November 2020 06:41 Reply
    At least it wasn't vore
  10. Guy man
    Guy man 4 November 2020 07:16 Reply
    Just how was he packing??????

  11. Painwheel
    Painwheel 4 November 2020 07:51 Reply
    Not gonna lie, good stuff smiling_imp 
  12. Guest guest
    Guest guest 4 November 2020 08:32 Reply
    when she thought "I'm gonna rape him again!" with a panicked face, I laughed so hard I fell off my chair

    I STILL HAVE No RIGHTS 4 November 2020 09:08 Reply
     you have this really could have been bad but it was pretty good definitely one of the better "rapes"
  14. Fucker
    Fucker 4 November 2020 22:43 Reply
    Miss me with this pedo shit
  15. they gonna have a deformed ass baby
    they gonna have a deformed ass baby 24 December 2020 04:17 Reply
    fffffffffffffffffffcccccccfffffffffdd fffffffffffffffffffcccccccfffffffffdd

  16. A wierd guy
    A wierd guy 11 January 2021 14:47 Reply
    1. Okay I did some. Research (don't ask me why i just did) to find out how old each could be. And to my surprise to they could be the same age in some cases.
    So in all cases I assume they went through puberty due to the fact she has boobs bigger than melons. And he is packing, shoot buckets, and has a sexual urge ex:when he said  "she got huge boobs" 
    The kid: the kid could be around 11-16
    Because we're gonna assume he either went through puberty or is in the middle of it because puberty can start around 8-14 and these thing start around then. You could point out the lake of hair but the spot were public hair could be is always block be his pants he thicc ass or his hand. Another thing I want to point out is that the cousin says "he look like a girl's" witch could be interpreted as "he looks young", they have the same face.  He also has some knowledge on sex he knows what semen is and knows the term breats the only case of a lack of knowledge is when he calls his dick "thingy" witch is wierd because he later calls it a penis dispite the fact she called it a dick so he couldn't have got it from her so take it as him censoring himself for some reason. 
    You could point out the pjs but there are pjs for teens 
    The girl: so for her i say 16 because of the university and part time job thing it's says that she's in university not starting it or ending it (quick disclaimer I'm using the Japanese school system and laws) let's say she's smart so that why the parents trust her to help thier son so let's say she went through school cleanly and is at the end of university this would put her at 16. Also she has a job and the age to get a job in Japan is 16. 

    1. L
      L 23 January 2021 12:10 Reply
      Plus we're seeing this in the eyes of America where the age of consent is 18 and in Japan its 13 or 14 so its completely normal for them but weird for us