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Big Hero 6 Parody

Artist: rapetacular
Parody: big hero 6

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (13)
  1. Guest Guest
    Guest Guest 2 November 2020 18:54 Reply
    Now after all this time you put this comic on this website?
  2. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 2 November 2020 20:24 Reply
    Preeetty sure someone else just yoinked it from somewhere else and now here it is in our loving computers/phone screens ready for us to enjoy.

    Aaaany who i failed. At least I lasted a day. Just had too much shit on my mind. Welp better luck next year.
    1. Just some random guest
      Just some random guest 3 November 2020 16:12 Reply
      You missed shitty Xbox 360 screens as well
  3. Suck_my_Ass_911
    Suck_my_Ass_911 2 November 2020 21:51 Reply
    If you do the claiming you are a fucking faggot because claiming is fucking gay sooo
    you should stop claiming

    Lol noice comic 👽👌
    1. ungee bungee man
      ungee bungee man 2 November 2020 22:29 Reply
      can someone explain what claiming exactly is ? I know that its a bitch move but can someone explain it to me ?
      1. Goro majima
        Goro majima 3 November 2020 04:05 Reply
        Its a thing someone started where they say i claim the comic for such and such now its annoying after everyone started doing it
  4. Covid-01
    Covid-01 3 November 2020 00:53 Reply
    OK so we are going to forget that
    He had an I.O.U for sex 

    I want one to..... 
  5. crappy
    crappy 3 November 2020 02:25 Reply
    that art so crappy.
    makes it impossible to enjoy
  6. Guest BILL
    Guest BILL 3 November 2020 03:52 Reply
    do korra and avatar i really love that porn
  7. I was
    I was 3 November 2020 04:33 Reply
    • Just imagine if Fred perry did a big hero 6 comic omfg
  8. Guest Yes
    Guest Yes 3 November 2020 06:04 Reply
    Wish they made a part 2

  9. Claim Police
    Claim Police 3 November 2020 06:58 Reply
    You all get a nut pass, except the weaklings who failed on the first day
    1. An insubordinate demon
      An insubordinate demon 4 November 2020 08:49 Reply
      Thank you! That makes two. One I used and one I can use.