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Butterflies in My Head

Artist: sealedhelm
Parody: gravity falls

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (13)
  1. SirPentiouss...
    SirPentiouss... 2 October 2020 00:22 Reply
    what the fuck, is that a butter fly

    or a moth
    1. Soul King Brook
      Soul King Brook 2 October 2020 21:53 Reply
      SirPentiouss I'm going to say it's a butterfly or well it's supposed to be one
  2. a
    a 2 October 2020 03:44 Reply
    just another silly episode filled with silly jokes for kids.
  3. Bale
    Bale 2 October 2020 04:04 Reply
    Ok.... W T F
  4. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 2 October 2020 04:44 Reply
    Interesting not bad at all .
  5. Guest Beelzebub
    Guest Beelzebub 2 October 2020 06:00 Reply
    Damn you satan. This isn't the link for the how to get free robux site.
  6. yes yes yes
    yes yes yes 2 October 2020 23:42 Reply
    im most interested in the candy memory
  7. someone horny
    someone horny 3 October 2020 01:43 Reply
    finally, after like 2 years the full comic series is completed
  8. Detective Marcello
    Detective Marcello 2 January 2021 02:56 Reply
    so after 3years just all parts in one? Mhm
  9. Babelisarius cawl master of masters
    Incest wincest
  10. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 3 January 2021 06:12 Reply
    Today *huff huff* HOLY SHIT my finger hurts. There was too MUCH porn. It was only two pages and it was TOO much good shit. Damn that was worth the wait. First xlecx marathon of 2021 and my index finger hurts. Do you know how long you have to be fapping as a guy in order for your finger to hurt. Jesus christ. This year is gonna be fine. I hope. Btw can anyone else use either hand yo jack off.
    1. An insubordinate demon
      An insubordinate demon 3 January 2021 10:27 Reply
      I can use all eight, either all at a time or separately. I can also fap on all six cocks or only a few. It depends on the material.
  11. Drillz
    Drillz 3 January 2021 12:55 Reply
    children 0/10