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  1. HolyCrusader
    10 August 2020 04:00
    That was good. By the cover and tags i expected a ugly bastard but turned out i was suprised in a good way 9,5/10
    1. Ryan The Hermit Crab
      Ryan The Hermit Crab
      10 August 2020 05:30
      I agree with thy, I was at first ashamed of someone who created ugly bastard but it turned out to be wonderful.
  2. Gaston LeGume
    Gaston LeGume
    10 August 2020 05:44
    I, Gaston, agree. I was also expecting worse but this surprised me.
  3. A random guest
    A random guest
    10 August 2020 10:57
    Ha Ha, fools didn’t claim this artwork, so I claim it in the name of the church. reeee
    1. Ryan The Hermit Crab
      Ryan The Hermit Crab
      11 August 2020 04:14
      You are the fool for you are a claimed and those days were left behind the day this site became xlecx even more a fool for thinking a mere guest as yourself could claim 
  4. Guest UnknownUser
    Guest UnknownUser
    10 August 2020 15:22
    I was expecting ugly bastard i was ready to be disgusted but then i saw this amazing piece of work :)
  5. Guest Noob
    Guest Noob
    10 August 2020 15:51
    The only explanation i can find is that is the girls bathroom . *Theres no way in hell a boys bathroom would be so clean you can fuck on the floor without killing the mood*
  6. lost soul
    lost soul
    10 August 2020 19:37
    Reply good doujin with no ugly bastard tag
    thank you satan....for granting us this doujin 
  7. 9.5
    11 August 2020 07:50
    You thought it was netorare but it was me
  8. Izaya
    12 August 2020 05:21
    Holy shit this was good. tbh seriouly thought its was ugly bastrd when i clicked on it i just went and looked at the fuckin tags just to be safe

    Has someone claimed yet?
    I can't exactly do that
  9. mirage
    12 August 2020 07:57
    This i actually liked i rate this a miage because
    I am perfect get it

  10. Suck-my-Ass-911
    13 September 2020 20:13
     This shit is fucking good stuff dude ????